'Be a true friend of the environment'
'Bí dílis don dúlra'
Dear Forest Friends

Welcome to Tetra Pak Tree Day 2015! It's good to see you again.
This year's Tetra Pak Tree Day is all about becoming a true friend of the environment.

Did you know that trees are wonderful friends to our environment? Among lots of other things, trees create a home for habitat and wildlife. They can also provide a day's supply of oxygen for a family of four.

So, this Tetra Pak Tree Day, we're asking you to become a friend of the environment too. There are lots of ways we can become more environmentally friendly in our everyday lives, like reducing the amount of waste we create, re-using old items and recycling our used products instead of throwing them in the waste bin.

This year, you can check how much you already know and think about the environment by taking the 'Are you a friend of the environment?' quiz on the back of Avonmore School Milk cartons or by checking out our Fun Zone.

You and your class can also take our pledge to be a lifelong friend of the environment here and get a free Birch or Hazel tree to plant in your school grounds.

So go on, let's become true friends of the environment together!


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