'Be nature nice!'
'Bí dóighiúil don dúlra!'
It's really important for us all to remember that every small positive thing we do to protect our environment and planet can make a difference. Here are some really useful and easy tips to help you save natural resources and make a difference:
No.  1 Recycle empty cartons.
Recycling enables natural resources to be used again. The easiest way to recycle empty cartons is to place them in the recycling bin at home or to take them to your nearest recycling centre.
One option for schools and nurseries looking to recycle their cartons is to contact their waste contractor to understand whether they can take them. It is possible that the contractor already recycles the cartons.
No.  2 Never waste water
Water is one of our most precious natural resources. Save water in small ways, like don't leave the tap running when you're washing your teeth. Why not collect rain water in a barrel in your garden? This water can be used for watering the plants or washing the car.
No.  3 Turn off the light when you leave the room.
Natural resources are used to produce the energy required to light a room. A room without anyone in it doesn't need the light on. So why waste all that energy and the natural resources that it is made from? Simply turn the light out if you're the last person to leave a room!
No.  4 Close the door
It takes a lot of natural resources and costs a lot of money to heat a home or school. Keep doors to the outside closed, so you don't let the heat escape.
No.  5 Reuse!
There are lots of ways we can help save natural resources and have fun in the process.. For example, it's really fun to find new uses for old things. It makes a lot of sense for the environment too. Don't just throw something out! Think of all the energy and resources it took to make it and try to come up with a new use for it. Click here for a tremendous idea for re-using your Avonmore school milk carton. Remember to clean and recycle the used carton once you have finished using it.
No.  6 Compost
Put leftover apple cores, banana skins and any other fruit or vegetable peels in a compost bin, where they will eventually break down and turn into fertiliser.
No.  7 Walk, cycle or scoot to school
Help protect the earth's fossil fuel reserves and cut down on pollution by walking, cycling or scooting to school. It's not only better for the environment, but it helps reduce traffic jams and it's super fun too!
No.  8 Packs from plant based natural resources
Buy your drinks in packaging that is produced from renewable plant based natural resources. Cartons from Tetra Pak are predominantly produced from paperboard which is made from trees. As part of their commitment to the use of renewable materials, Tetra Pak is making more and more cartons using plant based plastic, instead of the oil based plastic traditionally used. Use of plant based plastic can help protect the earth's fossil fuel reserves. Learn more about this here - Sustainable products
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