People sometimes use big words when they talk about nature and the environment. This can make it confusing and hard to understand.

Below are some of the words used most often and what they mean.
? Environment
The environment is everything around us - all of our surroundings including the air, soil, water, plants and animals.
? Sustainability
When something is sustainable, it means that you can keep using it for a long time without it running out.
? Renewable resources
Renewable resources are resources that are replaced naturally and can be used again. For example, oxygen, fresh water, solar energy and timber (wood from trees) are renewable resources.
? Recycling
Recycling is a way to cut down on the amount of waste that is thrown away. As a result of recycling, some things that would have been thrown away can be made into new products and used again.
? Climate Change
Climate change is when there is a big difference in normal climate patterns over a long period of time.
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