Want to have some fun before you recycle your Avonmore School Milk carton? You'd be amazed at all you can do with a carton! Why not grow your own tree?

How to Grow a Tree!

(Do this autumn!)

You will need:
Empty school milk carton, compost (preferably peat free to save our bogs) to plant (choose ones that are easy to grow, like acorn, chestnut or hazelnut)

  • Ask an adult to help you cut the carton in half (recycle the top half) and pierce some holes in the bottom of the carton for drainage.
  • Label the carton with your name, the name of the seed and the date.
  • Fill up the carton with compost. Mix well. Put the seed into the compost and push it down until it's covered.
  • Water the soil lightly. Leave the container on a window sill. Water as required.
  • The tree should start to grow in March.
To find out how to transplant your tree, check out our video here
Remember to clean and recycle the used carton once you have finished growing and transplanting your sapling.  Copyright © 2020. Tree Council of Ireland
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