Your Free Tree Poster!
Your Free Tree Poster!

Hello Forest Friends

Welcome back! It's been a strange few months but I bet you're all so happy to be back in school with your teachers and friends. While you've been staying safe at home, I've been busy preparing the forest for Tetra Pak Tree Day 2020 which takes place on Thursday, 1st October.

This year's theme is Be A Force For Nature! ("Bí i do fórsa don nádúir!") which focuses on the things we can do in our everyday lives to help nature and our environment.

You can check out my 7 super savvy tips to help the environment on the back of Avonmore School milk cartons or by clicking on the school milk carton below.

My number one tip this year is to plant more trees! Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen and help reduce the risk of climate change. They also provide shelter and food for birds, insects and animals – including me!

This year we're giving away FREE saplings of my favourite Irish native tree - the Scots Pine, also known as Pinus sylvestris or An Giúis – for you to plant on your school grounds or in a pot in your classroom.

Click here to find out how to get your FREE tree and check out our video on how to plant a tree here.

Nature needs more friends than ever before so please don't forget to take the Forest Pledge to be a lifelong friend of the environment!

So get (nut) cracking on planting your tree and I look forward to visiting your school for some pine nuts very soon!

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