Your Free Tree Poster!
Your Free Tree Poster!


Tree Walks are not confined to woodlands. There are many trees in the school environment that can be explored during a tree walk in the school grounds.
Explain that there are many different species of tree in Ireland, some native and some not.
Look at the differences between trees standing alone and trees in hedgerows.
Get children to identify the different parts of the tree; Trunk, bark, roots, leaves, branches, stem.
Note that different trees have different bark, stems, leaves, buds, fruits and flowers.

a. Some leaves are simple (one leaf on a stem) e.g. hazel, oak, birch, beech, maple, holly etc.

b. Some leaves are compound, many leaves on one stem e.g. Rowan, willow, ash, elder.

c. Some leaves are lobed eg. Sycamore.
Different animals and mini-beasts need trees for their survival e.g. bees feed on pollen from tree flowers, squirrels eat pine cones from Scots pine trees.
Trees need water and light to stay alive.
Some trees lose their leaves in autumn and some do not lose their leaves such as pines, holly, firs.  Copyright © 2020. Tree Council of Ireland
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