Tell me how to be a force for nature
Click on the milk carton to find the answers. 

Go for a walk outdoors!

Look out for insects, worms, snails and ladybirds. Collect twigs, leaves and flowers to make a collage when you get home.
Get a checklist for your walk here

Make a bird feeder!

Get creative and make a bird feeder out of a carton for your garden, balcony or window sill.
Find out how here!

Become the recycling hero for your family!

Help them by showing everyone how to recycle properly.
Find out what goes in the recycling bin here!

Plant wild flowers in your garden!

This will help to protect our bees.
Find out why bees are so important here

Cut down on food waste!

If you don't eat all your lunch today, check if it will keep until tomorrow.
See more ways to reduce your food waste here

Walk or cycle!

Walk, scoot or cycle to school and activities to reduce air pollution and get some exercise in.
Discover ways to get to know the nature in your area here

Plant a tree!

Trees absorb CO2 and release O2, helping us to tackle climate change. They give shelter and food to birds, animals and insects.
Get your free tree sapling here.  Copyright © 2020. Tree Council of Ireland
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