How to become more
Biodiversity Aware

Record the Biodiversity in your local area.

This could be your school grounds, your garden, your local park, your farm – wherever you happen to live. To get a complete picture, record all the different plants and animals you see.

You may not know all their names, but you can take pictures of them on your mobile phone. The more species you have the better the biodiversity of the area.

Know and protect habitats.

Different organisms flourish in different conditions, so the key to variety of species is variety in the places they live. Loss of habitats is the biggest threat to global biodiversity.

We are all aware of the loss of the rainforests, but are we doing our best to protect our own hedgerows or species-rich grassland?

What are the habitats in your county? Are they protected for wildlife or being reduced for development?

Control the spread of alien species.

The spread of species from other countries is the second greatest threat to local biodiversity after habitat loss. Alien species, which in their home countries are part of coherent ecosystems, often have no natural predators when they are introduced elsewhere. They may swamp out native species, introduce or spread disease, or alter habitats.

Are there alien invasive species in your area?