What is
SPAR National Tree Day?

SPAR National Tree Day - October 6th 2022
Lá na gCrann – 6 Deireadh Fómhair 2022

National Tree Day is organised each year by the Tree Council of Ireland with the support of its members and the Green-Schools. It will be sponsored by SPAR for the second year.

On SPAR National Tree Day schools around the country are invited to spend the day learning about trees and being outside enjoying their natural environment and the planet we all live on.

The theme this year is: “Root for Nature“. On SPAR National Tree Day schools take part in guided tree and woodland walks at various locations throughout the country.

It’s an opportunity for children, teachers and parents to connect directly with trees, nature and the outdoors. One of the main aims of SPAR National Tree Day is to educate primary school children about the importance of natural resources including trees and forests in their everyday lives.

Schools can benefit from a woodland walk at various locations.
For the most up to date list of Woodland Walks,
check out the Facebook page of Tree Council of Ireland here.

Each year a different native tree is highlighted on SPAR National Tree Day and this year it is the turn of the Native Holly Tree – also known as Ilex aquifolium or Crann Cuilinn.

To support SPAR National Tree Day, the Tree Council has developed www.treeday.ie, a website dedicated to the study of trees. This website contains lots of school resources that are free for use by teachers and is complementary to the primary school science syllabus.

Over the years, teachers have been enormously co-operative and enthusiastic about SPAR National Tree Day. We look forward to this year’s SPAR National Tree Day with similar enthusiasm and commitment.