Top Tips for
reducing food waste

In your day-to-day life it might not seem like much but, when added up, food waste is a big problem for the planet. It’s important to remember that there’s more to food waste than wasted food. When food is wasted, so too are the resources used to produce, transport and supply it.

Here's some tips to help you and your family reduce your food waste:

1. Make a shopping list

Help your mum and dad make a shopping list – and stick to it by ticking off the list as you shop. Only buying what you need not only helps to reduce food waste, it can also save time and money.

2. Store food properly

Simple habits such as unwrapping fresh foods when you help to put away the grocery shopping can prolong the life of food. Try to avoid using cling film or tinfoil in your lunchbox, instead use reusable bottles and containers which will help to keep your lunch fresh and safe from damage.

3. Use leftovers

If you don’t eat all your lunch today, check if it will keep until tomorrow. If you do have leftover food that can’t be eaten, try to compost it!

4. Freeze it!

If you see fruit at home that’s going off, why not slice and freeze it?! Frozen bananas are great for making banana bread and frozen berries taste so good in smoothies. Yoghurt can also be frozen to prolong its shelf life. Take it from the freezer in the morning and it will still be nice and cold at lunchtime.

5. Grow Your Own

Packets of herbs or salad leaves can be hard to use up so why not grow them with your family and pick them as you need. Planting a seed and watching it grow also helps us to understand where food comes from.
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