Make a
Bird Feeder

Making a bird feeder is a great way to recycle your milk or juice carton, and get to know Irish native birds.

You'll need:

An empty milk or juice carton

Pen or marker


Scissors or craft knife

Paint & brushes

Wooden craft or lollipop sticks



1. Rinse out an empty carton and let it dry.

2. Outline the shape of the main feeder door with a pen or marker and ruler.

3. Cut the outline with a scissors or craft knife (ask your teacher or a grown up for help with this!)
4. Remove the door.
5. Paint and decorate the outside of the carton using a colour of your choice.
6. Cut a small hole under the door and insert the stick through – this is for the birds to perch on!
7. Make a hole on the top of the carton and insert the string through it.

Fill the bottom of the carton with bird feed and hang it or a tree or window sill for the birds to enjoy!