What goes in
the recycling bin?

We all have our part to play to recycle as much waste as possible and also make sure our recycling is properly sorted.
Become the recycling hero for your family by learning what items can be recycled in Ireland below! And don’t forget – all items listed must be clean and dry before loosely placing in the bin.

Paper and cardboard
This includes milk and juice cartons, egg boxes,
newspapers and cardboard tubes.


This includes packaging such as plastic drink
bottles, cleaning bottles, butter containers,
yogurt cartons, salad tubs, fruit and vegetable
trays, plastic milk cartons and soap or shampoo

Soft plastics such as cling film are now also
recyclable in Ireland and can be placed in your
recycling bin.

Tins and cans
All tins and cans can be placed in your
recycling bin or bag.

To learn more information on how to recycle properly, you can visit: